Boryspil car evaluation by an independent expert

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Auto technical examination service for traffic accidents in Boryspil, our website:

The key direction is an independent examination of a car after an accident in Boryspil:

- Estimate of the market value of the car at the time of the accident - from UAH 1,280
- Estimate of the cost of restorative repairs - from UAH 1,730
- calculate the COST of usable remains - from UAH 850
- Examination of damages after an accident - from UAH 1,840
- Damage assessment for CASCO - from UAH 2,170
- Estimate damage to OSACV (Autocivilka) - from UAH 1,950
- Examination for submitting a claim to the court, against the culprit of the road accident - UAH 2,650

We have the best prices because:
Prices are formed according to the regulations of the Union of Experts (without additional commercial markup) They are based on the non-taxable minimum in relation to the minimum wage.

Automotive expertise:

This is an examination after a road accident, which resolves issues related to determining the amount of damages caused in connection with the damage to the car. This type of expertise is necessary to resolve disputes related to compensation for damages with insurance companies and the MTSU, as well as to resolve disputes between drivers involved in road accidents.

Assessment of car damage in a road accident

Appraisal of a car in a traffic accident (accident) is necessary in order to determine the amount of damage caused to the car as a result of an accident. This process is carried out not only to assess material damages, but also to check the amount of compensation required by the injured party and appeal it to the insurance company or the court .

In most cases, the assessment of damages in the event of a road accident is carried out by the insurance company. However, this assessment is not always correct. Therefore, in order to establish the real value of the damage caused to your car, you can contact professional experts for an independent assessment. The conclusion of an alternative examination may differ significantly, and the insurance company is obliged to accept its results and provide the established compensation. Otherwise, the Report on the independent assessment of the damage caused by the vehicle, issued by the assessment company, is confirmation of the amount of compensation during the trial.

An independent assessment is also required if the situation is not an insured event specified in the insurance contract. At the same time, the guilty person (individual or legal entity) must compensate for the damages.

The following documents must be submitted to assess damages in the event of a road accident:

Vehicle registration certificate.

Passport and TIN of the owner (in case of death of the owner, the following are required: death certificate, document confirming the relationship between the deceased heir (birth certificate, marriage certificate, court decision, etc.), passport of the heir).

Photos of the vehicle from the scene of the accident.

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